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Ищу MP3 файлы песен ВИА "Акварели" (оцифровка старых исполнений)

В: Ищу MP3 файлы песен ВИА "Акварели" (оцифровка старых исполнений)

тут две песни есть... а вообще, вбей в гугле "ВИА Акварели скачать" - много интересного обнаружится )

She Needed No Camera to Make the First Book of Photographs

She Needed No Camera to Make the First Book of Photographs

He encouraged his daughter's interest in the natural world; the New York Public Library's show includes an early herbarium in which she pressed dried thistles and mint sprigs, and an album of tender watercolor landscapes, begun in 1835 and continued

The 2018 Eater Seattle Holiday Gift Guide

The 2018 Eater Seattle Holiday Gift Guide

This Good Sheila card, a watercolor print by Seattle artist Lauren Tilden, is a beautiful and subtle nod to one of Washington's top types of produce — the apple — and also a reminder that spring will return, despite the dreary months of Washington

Winners from third annual Nature Art Showcase announced

Attendees at last weekendвs third annual Nature Art Showcase cast ballots for the Peopleвs Choice awards while they viewed more than 70 items displayed in the main lobby of the Barrow-Civic Theatre in downtown Franklin during the Franklin On Ice festival.

The Council on Greenways and Trails announced that the top vote-getter with 40 votes is a multi-media art entry entitled вInto The Woodsв by Paul La Pierre, Sr. of Knox. He used raw timber as a very tall frame to contain a clear-glass covered photograph he had taken of a summer woods scene. His prize was a pottery vase in a lily design, courtesy of Campbellвs Pottery Store in Cambridge Springs.

The next highest number of Peopleвs Choice votes was 29, for John Carboneвs вNatureвs Ice Sculpturesв photograph which captured frozen water droplets and their reflections in a flowing winter stream. Carbone resides in Clarion.

Источник: Allied News

Artist Sujit Sudhi displaying his works in Kenosha and in India

вI consider myself very lucky because it is not often that an artist gets an opportunity to display their work in two different parts of the world at the same time,в Sudhi said.

Lemon Streetвs featured artists of the month are sculptor and painter Julie Latayan, fiber artist Sherri Wistrom and Sudhi.

Sudhi relocated to Kenosha via India in 2015 when he was contacted by a Chicago-based IT consulting company to work at Snap-on Tools. The 43-year-old said he was forced to return to India when his work visa expired and an extension was delayed for several months due to tighter immigration laws.

He expects to obtain proper documentation this week and is, somewhat surprisingly, excited to return to the near-Arctic conditions in Kenosha.

вI love it everywhere,в said Sudhi, who continues to work his IT job remotely and paint. вActually, I love the winter and the snow. Like they say, God made snow because watercolorists could paint.в

Источник: Kenosha News

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