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Watch A-Trak Make Beats From Randomly Selected Records On Rhythm Roulette

It’s now A-Trak ’s turn to take a stab at Mass Appeal ’s acclaimed web series, Rhythm Roulette . The series challenges producers to walk into a record store, blindfolded, and randomly pick out three albums to sample in the studio.

For this episode, the Fool’s Gold Records bossman ended up with three of the more difficult samples we’ve seen on the show. A-Trak picked out some Ethiopian funk, some blues, and another obscure record from the 70’s. The turntablist maestro gets to work immediately in the studio, expertly navigating the instrumentation on the records to pick out what he wants to work with.

Being the versatile producer that he is, A-Trak comes out with three, impressively distinct beats in the end. Check out the video for yourself below and enjoy!

Источник: This Song is Sick (blog)

A-Trak, Todd Terry & Cory Enemy Are Just Having Fun In 'DJs Gotta Dance More': Watch

Whether you're an international DJ traveling the world or a just a big music geek with a dope record collection, some of the best memories are made just having fun, making and sharing music with your friends in your living room. These are moments creatives try to tap into, and it's a moment A-Trak and his co-producer Cory Enemy capture with Todd Terry in the official music video for super groovalicious collaboration "DJs Gotta Dance More."

The house song reflects on the early days of the scene and the journey "real DJs" and producers have to walk from to transform from a music lover to a true culture curator. It's a passionate affair, one Terry and A-Trak look back on quite fondly.

“I released ‘DJs Gotta Dance More’ over the summer," A-Trak is quoted in a press release. "It’s very dear to me, because it talks about all the rituals and experiences you go through when you learn how to produce music: digging for samples, discovering influences, and convincing your parents to let you make noise at the house. Getting Todd Terry to speak on the record was a blessing: he represents a New York state of mind, and a kinship between hip hop and house, which is a huge part of my identity."

Источник: Billboard

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