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Seahawks 27 Raiders 3: Winners and Losers from a dominant display at Wembley

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? The Seattle Seahawks took care of business in London against an Oakland Raiders team that may or may not be tanking. Either way, they’re absolutely one of the worst teams in the NFL. They’re certainly the worst in the AFC now that the Buffalo Bills have established their defense at least formidable.

This was a one-sided whipping that could’ve been even more lopsided if not for penalties and some shoddy third-down defense in the first-half. It was a complete shutdown of a Raiders offense that ranked 13th in DVOA entering this week, and Derek Carr only averaged 2.9 yards per dropback.

Let’s get to Winners and Losers, which really won’t have many losers when it’s a 27-3 thumping.


Frank Clark

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'Barney Miller' star Hal Linden reflects on 'The Samuel Project,' lasting success of cop comedy

Fox News: What inspired you to take on ‘The Samuel Project’?
Hal Linden: It’s very rarely that I turn down a role. Mainly because every role has a different challenge. Every role has work to be done… some are better than others, but every human being has all these aspects of their lives that have to be explored. And that’s really all I do. … We realized the picture wasn’t about Samuel. It was about a boy trying to fulfill dreams against all odds. And there’s nobody stopping him from doing it. He just has to do it. And there are no villains in the piece. Nobody is out to hurt anybody.

Fox News: How important is to share a story like this one with audiences?
Linden: Not even with audiences, but quite honestly, I look at it from Samuel’s point of view. It’s important to share his story with his grandson. … We have a habit of forgetting. It’s important to get that story out because there are people out there who would say it never happened. And we are losing survivors of that incident daily. We need to remember. And there is a lack of communication between the generations. I was sitting at a dinner table next to my granddaughter, who is texting on her telephone. So I took out my telephone and I texted her.

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