Ex-Towie star Ferne McCann's acid attack lover Arthur Collins built a cocaine empire in chilling connection with ...

He ran a ruthless organisation — the gang were linked to more than 20 murders in Britain and Holland and a police source said their violent reputation made the Kray twins “sound like lovable rogues”.

In their heyday in the early 1990s they were said to be in charge of most of the cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine coming into London, which helped to build a £200million fortune.

Terry believed the Adams name carried more threat if they stayed out of the headlines. Arthur was different. He loved the idea of being in the public eye and enjoyed his growing hardman reputation across Hertfordshire.

When he fell out with an ex-girlfriend he rang her mother in the middle of the night and threatened her with an acid attack and to have her raped.

His profile went sky high in June 2016 when he was first pictured with Ferne in Marbella. She talked about them getting wed and dismissed Arthur’s earlier Facebook postings about Class-A drugs as a “silly thing” teens do.

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Ringleader in Ponzi scheme sentenced in federal court

Mills has been a bankruptcy trustee for a Mississippi public hospital and represented Louisiana retirees who lost more than $50 million.


Arthur Adams convicted for his role in organizing a Ponzi scheme involving the sale of timber rights is in federal court for sentencing.

Judge Carlton Reeves will review the information from attorneys before issuing Adams sentence.

According to the U.S. Attorney's office, the scheme began as far back as 2011. Adams was indicted this past May .

Prosecutors successfully proved Adams was responsible for soliciting millions from investors in more than 14 states. He then invested the money for personal gain and used the proceeds to pay back past investors. Adams defrauded as many as 250 investors in excess of $100 million.

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