Emmerdale reveals Adam's whereabouts – will Victoria find him?

Robert Sugden is concerned for his little sister when she breaks into the haulage office and rifles through paperwork looking for leads on her other half’s location. Insisting to his sibling no one knows where he is, Aaron hides his guilt from his new husband and later reveals to him and Matty Barton, out of earshot from Vic, that he’s heard from Adam recently – he’s hiding out in Budapest.

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Meanwhile, private investigator Glen has already secured his first hefty payment from vulnerable Victoria, but when he spins her a story that Adam is in Portugal it starts to look like the detective is not to be trusted. Is he conning Mrs Barton out of her cash and playing with her emotions?

Источник: Radio Times

Candidate Craig Adams says he wants transparency on school board

Candidate Craig Adams, who for many years taught at Valley Center High School and at Oak Glen High School, says he is running for the VC-Pauma Unified School District board because he wants to see more transparency and financial responsibility on the board.

“There are a lot of things that they vote for that most people don’t know what they are voting on. It’s important for people to know how their money is being spent and what policies are being approved,” Adams told The Roadrunner.

“I cringed when I learned that our district had a serious deficit of at least $1.2 million, and had to lay off many good, young and inspiring teachers. That is not right. I believe that YOU, the parents and stakeholders, should know in plain English what is being discussed and voted on. Your voice needs to be heard. I hear you and will listen to you. I will be accessible.”

Источник: Valley Roadrunner

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