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Dimmu Borgir Release Live DVD; Plus Led Zeppelin, Brujeria, & More News That ...

"It's our first time on Blackest, but Glenn [Danzig] had wanted to bring us out before [on the tour], but we weren't available until now," Silenoz said. "We've done Ozzfest before, but we're looking forward to this tour more. We did the main stage on Ozzfest, playing in f--_ing broad daylight. This tour will let us play in bigger places, but at the same time showcase more of what the band's about, visually. We are going to concentrate on the tour for now. Some years ago, we tried putting [material] together on the road, but once we got home, we listened back to it, and were like, 'What the f--- Is this?' So, we just scrapped it all. We find it's so much better to totally focus on one thing at a time, and then, when that's over, you move on to the next [thing]. We don't really feel like we need to rush things, anyway, so we'll just take our time, and it's going to be what it's going to be."


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Тодд Карни, интернационально лучший

Международная федерация регби-лиг (она же RLIF) назвала лучших спортсменов года.

Нет, мы то с вами понимаем, что есть австралийская награда №1 Dally M Medal, и кто ее выиграл, тот и лучший (Тодд Карни).

И есть австралийский же приз Клайва Черчилля, который отражает мнение самих игроков – и это тоже награда важная и приятная (ее взял Дариус Бойд).

Ну а RLIF, что RLIF? Хочет она давать награду, на которую в равной степени претендуют австралы и европейцы. Ну, пускай дает. Счет-то на табло.


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2018 Maplewood Township Committee Candidate Statement: Nancy Adams

We’ve worked to strengthen the Maplewood Police Department with a focus on its relationship with the community and its restructuring to include a concentration on traffic and pedestrian safety. We’ve worked hard to improve recreational facilities in our parks to provide an important part of the enjoyment of living in Maplewood. I’ve made sure that regular attention has been paid to and funding made available to replenish trees in our parks and on our streets. We’ve been supportive of our business districts from the streetscape improvements currently underway in Maplewood Village to working with the County for grants to fund improvements to the infrastructure and pedestrian and vehicular traffic control in the Irvington Avenue business center.

As Chair of the Engineering, Public Works and Planning Committee, I’ve successfully advocated for more attention to the replenishment of our town trees and the maintenance of our parks, along with looking at ways to improve pedestrian safety in our business districts and I have brought my experienced, common sense voice to traffic calming. I have been vigilant in the enforcement of the gas-powered leaf blower ban I spearheaded because I know they are a bad for our environment, our residents’ health and our ability to enjoy our homes in peace.

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Nyngan sporting news

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