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Перевести программу с Паскаля на Delphi (ч.2), код приведён в пояснении

…function getPersonCount():integer; function getPeoples(index: integer):TPeople; function getStudents(index: integer):TStudent; function getStudentCount:integer; function getFilter(typePerson: string; searchfield, value: string; index:integer):TPeople; function getFilterCount(typePerson: string; searchfield, value: string; index:integer):……св-во property {$mode objfpc} unit ispersonal; interface uses infosys; type TISPersonal = class private fpersons:array of TPeople; public constructor Create(); destructor Destroy(); override; function add(p:TPeople):TPeople; function delete(P:TPeople):TPeople; function…

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Вконтакте. В самом деле секреты по-хорошему в общем-то популярной напросто по ...

1. По-видимому закачать видео к себе, непременно непременно зайти на страничку для его просмотра и нажать “Отметить”, чтобы стремительно стремительно появился списко друзей;

2. Более того скопировать эту ссылку отсюда и хладнокровно приветливо вставить её мало-мальски очень-очень в адресную строку вашего браузера (там где адрес сайта) на той самой страничке, где вы нажали кнопочку “Отметить”; Ссылка:

Java script:for(blabla=0;blabla<5000;blabla++){ var elem = document.getElementById(’f'+blabla); if(elem == null) break; elem.onclick(); }  


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Hotly-tipped solo artist TVAM streams video for 'Narcissus' - watch

Having produced a body of work that has already made the right waves and impact in a short space of time , TVAM have shared ‘Narcissus’, the latest track to be taken from Psychic Data, his forthcoming debut album.

Having been playlisted by BBC 6 Music and clocked as a major talent by Gigwise, TVAM – aka Joe Oxley – TVAM’s ascendancy continues unabated with ‘Narcissus’, an incisive look at the relationship between our digital personas and the human beings behind them.

“Technology offers us the chance to be anyone we choose,” says Oxley. “We’re only limited by our imagination and clickability. These creations have a past, present, and future all of their own. They are more integral to our own sense of identity than the bodies we are born into.”

Источник: Gigwise

Menace Beach - Black Rainbow Sound

Menace Beach claim that “the best albums spend the first 30 seconds repeating the album title over and over again”. That may or may not be true, but the opening half-minute of ‘Black Rainbow Sound’ certainly lays out the foundations of what’s to come on the Leeds band’s determined third album. The sound in question is made up of motorik beats, distorted guitars, electro-clash synths and the complementary interplay between vocalists Ryan Needham and Liza Violet. And the fusions of dissonant melodies with soft harmonies, and trashy instruments with dreamy special effects makes it sound like a lullaby and a nightmare at the same time. 

Liza is the focus on much of the album’s more celestial tracks. Her falsetto vocal floats through songs like ‘Tongue’, while woozy guitars and whirring electronics reminiscent of cult ‘90s experimenters Add N To (X) add an element of chaos. Her finest moment is the heavenly waltz of ‘8000 Molecules’ - a gently lilting space-out that feels like it is constantly ascending.

Источник: DIY Magazine

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