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Abstract As an ordinary television producers should focus on and discuss the ...

International application and not the creation of music. When the film has a complete thought, you should start thinking how to start music, what kind of musical elements start, start the music roughly what kind of visual language to express. Audio of the reasonable application processing through appropriate technology, and ultimately to get a good work.

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in the actual production, sound editing and processing tend to be overlooked, as if the appeal is always greater than the sound image. In fact, a good work, sound processing is also very fine. There is such a formula: a good bad movie + sound = a rotten section...

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As far as your lunch and all the other meals, you need to make sure that you eat them, first of all. There are probably a lot of times when you run out of the house in a hurry skipping breakfast, when you work through lunch or instead of having dinner you have a teleconference. That has to stop and you need to make sure you eat at least three meals a day. If you don’t have the time to eat at home before you leave, buy a low carb bread breakfast sandwich and eat it as soon as you get to the office; if you work through lunch hour, get a salad delivered and give yourself at least ten minutes to eat; and as for dinner, skipping it every once in awhile won’t hurt you, as long as you eat something light so you don’t have any midnight cravings leading to eating half the contents of the fridge...

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Поколение: 2000-е в рассказах очевидцев Сетевое издание m24.ru

City Council approves $1.9 billion subsidy package for Gulch project

Passage of the measure was a major victory for the first-year mayor, who three times had to postpone a vote for lack of council support. Now, she can take credit for closing on a deal that will build a mini-city within Atlanta’s downtown and have a generational impact.

After the vote, Bottoms paid a visit to the council chambers and quoted Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid political leader.

“He said: `It always seems impossible until it’s done,’” Bottoms told the council. “And over the past few months, at times this has almost seemed impossible. But … we are here today. I do trust history will be kind to us, and we will be judged on how we leave this city.

“We have created a new model. We have created a model that will be replicated by cities and counties across this nation.”

Источник: Atlanta Journal Constitution

POLITICO Playbook PM: House Dems project confidence as voters take to the polls

-- NYT’S CARLOTTA GALL In Istanbul: “Erdogan Champions Khashoggi While Trampling Turkish Journalists and Dissidents”: “The tactics [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan has used against the Saudis are much the same ones he has perfected against political enemies at home — leaks planted by government sources and reported by friendly news outlets, which he then cites to destroy his opponents.

“That approach has become a staple of the president’s arsenal to spread intimidation and to crack down on dissent. He has been able to employ it so effectively, including against the Saudis, partly because of a compliant news media that he has fashioned over 16 years in power.” NYT

ON THE KOREAN PENINSULA ... WSJ’S ANDREW JEONG in Seoul: “U.S., North Korea Toughen Stance Ahead of Nuclear Talks”: “North Korea says it has made enough concessions on nuclear disarmament and has grown more strident in its demands for the U.S. to reciprocate. Last week, Pyongyang threatened to resume building up its nuclear forces if the U.S. doesn’t remove sanctions or provide other ways to improve relations. ...

Источник: Politico

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