Cuco gets things popping early at ACL Fest

Friday in the early rounds of ACL Fest 2018, Cuco rap-sang about his Honda CR-V, Post Malone-style. Backed by a six-strong posse of mellow and gangly burnouts — who also held instruments — he fit into his heartthrob shoes while youths sang, clapped and jumped.

The Los Angeles-based 20-year-old is good on the internet. But he’s figured out the live thing, too: Have two onstage keyboard players to highlight the dank chillwave elements of his introverted pop; hire a good rhythm section. One of his keyboardists (“my boy J-Quest”) busted a pretty good rap on “Summertime Hightime.” Cuco played fiery trumpet solos on four songs.

Four years ago, the artist born Omar Banos played with Ableton programming software and found something. His self-aware, earnest pop songs mix ponderous Spanglish with a nod to teen memes. His lyrics want to slide into your DMs, but not in a creepy way. He’s funny on Twitter.

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Marcia Aitken calls for respect

Forty years ago, Marcia Aitken walked into an audition session on a Thursday afternoon at the studio of Joe Gibbs. Musicians and industry professionals like Lloyd Parks, Dean Fraser, Sly Dunbar and Copeland Forbes all witnessed her record a hit.

According to Forbes, every Thursday, a lot of aspiring artistes would line up and the moment when Aitken stepped up to the microphone singing a version of I'm Still in Love with You Boy by Alton Ellis , all the musicians looked at each other in marvel at her voice.

"That magnetic day when she came to the studio, nobody had ever heard of Marcia Aitken. But when Gibbs listened to the recording of I'm Still In Love With You Boy , he had made up his mind that he didn't need to audition anybody else that day," Forbes told The Gleaner .

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