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Enemy within who may have sent Akasha empire tumbling

Enemy within who may have sent Akasha empire tumbling

At the height of their power and influence, the Akasha family was untouchable. Law enforcement knew of their dealings but could not quite pin the family down. This was only until an acquaintance agreed to a deal, and for close to five years, became the

Judges in Akasha case clean, David Maraga says

Judges in Akasha case clean, David Maraga says

Chief Justice David Maraga has asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to unmask individuals behind social media campaigns “aimed at recklessly besmirching the reputation of officers in the Judiciary”. Justice Maraga said reports linking the

Kenya's Akasha brothers plead guilty to US drug charges -court records

    Baktash Akasha, 41, and his brother Ibrahim Akasha, 29, each pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan to seven criminal charges, including distribution of heroin and methamphetamine and conspiracy to import the drugs into the United States, according to court records.

The charges carry a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and a maximum sentence of life.

    George Goltzer, Baktash Akasha’s lawyer, declined to comment. A lawyer for Ibrahim Akasha could not immediately be reached.

The case stemmed from a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration probe into the Akasha organization, which U.S. authorities described as a major smuggling operation connecting the poppy fields of Afghanistan to European and U.S. cities.

    The brothers were extradited to the United States from Kenya in January 2017 along with Gulam Hussein, a Pakistani national charged with heading a drug transportation network, and Vijaygiri Goswami, an Indian businessman accused of managing the Akasha organization’s drug business.

Источник: Reuters Africa

Кошмарные героини фильмов ужасов

4. Акаша (Королева проклятых)
Королева Аляй Акаша прекрасный вампир, не имеющий чувства нравственности. Ее нигилистические тенденции возрождаются, когда она пробуждается после десятилетий сна. Хотя Акаша постоянно пьет кровь, она никогда не сможет насытить свою внутреннюю пустоту. То, что по-настоящему управляет злобой Акаши, это ее неспособность признать свою чудовищную природу.

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