В Ставрополе выступят Akon, Крид и DJ David Vendetta Комсомольская правда

Егор Крид и Akon приедут в Ставрополь на международную Студвесну СТВ Государственное краевое телевидение

Рэпер Akon выпустил криптовалюту и пообещал построить город Life.ru

Akon 'Seriously' Considering Running for 2020 Election Against ...

The St. Louis, Missouri-native used to be topping the charts with pop hits like "Smack That," but for the past decade the singer has been dedicating his life to bettering African technology and increasing tourism. Akon has brought electricity to 15 countries on the continent with his solar panel initiative, Akon Lighting Africa, and has created Akoin, his own version of crytocurrency.

With this currency, Akon is developing Akoin's Crypto City, that he hopes to essentially be the Dubai of Africa.

Although Akon was born in Missouri, the entrepreneur considers his hometown to be the West African country of Senegal, which is where he spent most of his childhood.

With his global perspective, Akon had a lot to say about Trump's controversial immigration policies during his chat with Newsweek.

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Akon's Akoin wins him 'Innovator Of The Year' award

Akon together with fellow Senegalese Niang and Malian entrepreneur, Bathily; co-founded Akon Lighting Africa initiative. A project aimed at ‘‘bringing clean energy to millions of households in Africa.’‘

The initiative in 2016 announced that it had raised about 1 billion dollars to finance projects in Africa. Akon told the media that even though it was not an easy task for him raising the first billion dollars.

He added that Africa was in dire need of basic neccesities like potable water and electricity. He said his desire for luxury reduced when he noticed the poor development in Africa.

In 2015, the award-winning artist launched the first mega-solar project aimed at providing electricity to some 600 million Africans.

The initiative primarily targets rural communities that are not connected to the electricity and also seeks to find ways to bring costs down to make power supply more affordable.

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