Record Review with Kevin Bryan

Kevin Bryan reviews some more of the latest music releases.

Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band - No Roses (Talking Elephant). Shirley Collins had already been active on the recording front for more than a decade when she made the momentous decision to capture this seminal electric folk set for posterity in 1971, surrounding herself with the cream of the country’s traditional talent as she sought to breathe new life into a string of classic ballads. Shirley’s then husband Ashley Hutchings shared the production duties with Sandy Roberton as members of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and The Watersons provided the musical backdrop for the Sussex-born folk singer‘s peerless renditions of compelling ditties such as Poor Murdered Woman, Van Dieman’s Land and the epic Murder of Maria Marten.

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Welcome to Prog Limelight band Artmagic

There’s more of a good cop/bad cop dichotomy with Artmagic than one might have anticipated. Guitarist Richard Oakes, who indie titans Suede plucked from Westcountry obscurity while still a callow youth back in the early 90’s, is cooler than a cool-breeze cucumber just out of the fridge. Vocalist Sean McGhee, whose writing and production credits include Britney, Alanis and Robyn, is less cucumber-like; as the conceptual architect he’s the more serious of the two. 

Artmagic came together in 2008 thanks to a serendipitous Doctor Who connection which involved Sean and a friend of Richard’s meeting regularly down the pub to discuss all things Gallifreyan. The singer doesn’t feel this story is relevant to our tete-a-tete today, even if a Venn diagram of PROG readers and fans of the timelord would probably generate an ample intersection. Artmagic have released two albums six years apart, and the latest - CD for issues 88). 

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